Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oh the idiocy

I cannot believe how long these guys are bantering in front of the vending machines. They either never went to bed and are still drunk, or they woke up and smoked up. Don't do drugs, kids.

"Dude, do you smell that smell? It smells like smoke."
"Man, I don't know, I can't smell anything anymore."
"How can you not smell that? It's like pouporri and Meyerhoff smell, like food, over everything, over smoke."
"If you could have anything in this machine, what would it be?"
"M&M's, man."
"Did you know the reason that bills have to be inserted face up is so that they don't have to arrange them when they count the money?"
"No way?"
"What kind of drink do you want"
"I don't know, man"
"Let's get out of this stinkpit."
Today I'm heading up to Philly for a formal Japanese tea ceremony, should be fantastic, it's in an old-style samurai house. I really am not looking forward to being on my knees for an hour and a half, but I suppose it will be okay. I wonder if we are having thick tea or thin tea, and whether the tea is to be with wet sweets or dry sweets (wet with thick, dry with thin). Also I wonder how my tea bowls turned out from the kiln....

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