Saturday, May 31, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 23:17 @lifeofreilly tell marc i send my love!
  • 00:37 Not sure if the lithuanian dance hall is my scene but i'm happy to be among friends.
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I picked a car yesterday! It's a white Toyota Matrix, and is in Allentown, PA now, where I'm using the Miners household as a permanent address. I have to go up sometime next week to get my PA license so I can get the car titled at the dealership.

"The PBC encourages visits by friends and family of staff members. Visitors' access to Center facilities will be determined by the needs of the program(s) at the Center at that time. All such visits must be approved by the Program Coordinator(s) or his/her designee. Visitors must check in at the Main Office in Egner Lodge. S/he will be issued a visitor’s badge to be worn conspicuously while on Center property." That means you all!

I'm moving in a week!

Also, I went to Sonic, and it was everything I ever dreamed it would be. Really.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 12:26 Looked at two cars today, bunch more to go.
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 01:41 I love the lucasarts LEGO games and i'm not ashamed to admit it. Back to bed before i miss my midterm in the morning!
  • 07:28 Freaking chilly out this morning! Big plans to go out dancing tonight at sonar. Who's in?
  • 08:13 @christinericks want some soup later?
  • 08:42 @emiwenis i'm super jealous of my twin sister who's heading up to geology field camp via some of the most beautiful parts of the us from ...
  • 10:42 Sunscreen in my eyeballs.
  • 11:19 Oh wait, dancing is tomorrow night.
  • 12:16 One more week in baltimore!
  • 13:53 Anyone want to go on a car test driving adventure? In allentown pa?
  • 15:06 Road trip to allentown!
  • 17:14 Road trip to sonic!
  • 21:37 Bought a garmin but not a car.
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 23:17 Goodnight moon.
  • 06:46 Weird dreams all of the time
  • 08:46 I'm up :( boo
  • 09:04 This is the only class at MICA that i have consistently gone to looking like i'm wearing peelays. That's as casual as art school gets.
  • 18:56 Studying for mid-term.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 11:27 Dead mice on counters gross me out.
  • 11:45 Where you going in pg, @RENEEpie
  • 11:50 @RENEEpie good luck with that! Check out commuter connections, too.
  • 12:34 Livin my life like it's golden.
  • 12:38 I ate a mango popsicle and now my lips are numb.
  • 15:42 Kia rio 5 door!
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 10:39 I kept getting woken up before i went down a 13 story slide in my dream! How frustrating!
  • 13:50 Auto loans suck. At least i have a job that pays room and board. Still not fun. honda element and toyota matrix are front-runners.
  • 18:46 Writing a paper and perhaps making vegetable dumplings slash gyoza.
  • 18:48 Can't wait to go to my department tomorrow morning and tell them i am hired!
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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 00:09 I am more than okay at the tavern
  • 01:11 H20 and sleepytime stat.
  • 09:37 Sushi for breakfast!
  • 11:00 This is all your fault, mt. Royal tavern!
  • 13:09 I want pasta from pizza hut. Also, i feel much better now.
  • 16:07 Heading to the walter's in chase's car.
  • 18:07 @ReneePie please tell me there are pictures!
  • 20:33 Date date date if i don't twitter by midnight then send out a search party!
  • 21:56 Home in bed, called my date over early since i felt sick.
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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 12:40 Caught up on sleep! Finally! Now for homework and packing!
  • 12:41 I wish i had some more stoop or moth or this american life stories to listen to
  • 15:01 Getting on my bike!
  • 15:02 Hitting the bakery outlet and superfresh.
  • 15:52 Downtown superfresh smells like cookies!
  • 16:29 Sold my bike for 85 bucks. now to save up for a new six hundred dollar one!
  • 21:10 I made sushi!
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Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm a working girl!

I got the job in Blairstown for Princeton!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 00:53 75 percent done moving. Finishing tomorrow after my 1:30 interview.
  • 11:04 I really want to see the new indy flick, but not as much as i want to play the new LEGO game based on it.
  • 11:24 @anandthakker & @reneepie If you love This American Life, you will also like The Stoop: (also on podcast)
  • 11:24 And also, @anandthakker has an OKCupid account!
  • 11:48 @ReneePie I believe @anandthakker 's OKCupid profile outed Anand as "Single."
  • 12:10 Oh man i am napping before my interview this afternoon. I wish there was a couch for me to lay on in my apartment.
  • 13:59 Interview then finishing moving!
  • 14:35 I got the job in new jersey!
  • 18:04 Celebratory pizza with the fake fam.
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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 09:14 We just got onions in art history class. Use wisely and for great justice.
  • 10:29 Fourth interview with princeton tomorrow
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 08:01 Class in an hour. I need coffee stat. Just said goodbye to my parents :( i survived four years at MICA!
  • 08:44 Class in 17 minutes.
  • 11:34 Have to go back to bed when i get out of class.
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Monday, May 19, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 23:12 Roommate is moving loudly in spanish with her family tonight. I am without a laptop at the moment. Interesting.
  • 23:38 Goodnight world, just 12 hours till graduation almost!
  • 02:50 Returning the rental car boo :(
  • 02:59 Oh right reminder to self return films to epfl tomorrow am
  • 05:32 Weird cat lady dream.
  • 06:50 Hooray for graduation day!
  • 09:12 Waiting for princeton hr to call- they should have 12 minutes ago.
  • 13:31 Graduating!
  • 14:49 I mean, they tell me i'll be graduating. There are over 500 people getting degrees today. Also, my prez is adorable in his silk regalia.
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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 22:33 Hooray for sexy young clarinet players at joe squared and pizza and beer with the folks!
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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 23:57 Getting up at seven to take the first of many trips to my storage unit. Hopefully can do most of my moving tomorrow.
  • 07:06 Happy graduation day, twin sister!
  • 09:39 Wow, i really need to get more boxes, i think. Making a tiny first trip to storage.
  • 11:54 Gonna start moving right after lunch. Really. And driving a uhaul.
  • 13:07 Working up the will to start moving in earnest :(
  • 18:24 Thought i needed directions to panera but i'm brilliant
  • 18:29 Off to keep moving
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Baltimore Hipster post 2

Graduation show postcards came, got my beret and regalia, and falling asleep as I type. Moving tomorrow, then getting ready for the 'rents!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 11:56 3rd interview with princeton on monday!
  • 12:52 Picked up my gown and beret regalia for graduation on monday-pinch me!
  • 15:14 Renting a car for the next couple days. Rock and bowl tonight?
  • 16:48 Who wants to go on an adventure? getting car and storage keys then a white shirt to go with a bowtie.
  • 20:20 @Reneepie Scared of a little adventure?
  • 20:25 Angst in the form of "The Break-Up" and dreading moving.
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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 00:21 Oh i guess station isn't closing?
  • 02:19 Grabbing my comforter and heading to my installation to sleep.
  • 02:27 I hate birds that are up at 2.
  • 18:39 I'm calling the installation done for the night!
  • 18:49 At david chu's kosher kitchen with the faux fam
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 02:55 Just six hours till the last critique of my undergrad career
  • 11:02 Can't project without vga cables!
  • 11:16 2nd trip to exhibitions. Mac connector and female female adapter arg! Stressed!
  • 16:46 I have the smelliest feet ever known.
  • 18:53 My critique was fantastic! just one art history which i finish on june 6th. Commencement show opens friday!
  • 19:35 I love Enoch pratt free library! Let's hope my bike's still outside!
  • 21:05 Catnap go!
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Monday, May 12, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 01:37 Kthx i am over being pick already!
  • 03:27 New x-files trailer is up!
  • 03:31 Awesome! A little vague but i'm x-cited.
  • 06:41 This weather is lame.
  • 10:07 Final crit tomorrow, please shoot me and put me out of my misery.
  • 11:28 Please shoot me.
  • 11:29 Awesome, definitley still sick.
  • 11:40 Ordered my commencement postcards!
  • 12:44 Please let this all be over soon! Please!
  • 17:17 I can has break soon? Also, i can borrow an extention cord?
  • 18:52 Short catnap then back to work on my show. Still sick.
  • 20:44 Recharged and ready to keep working through the night.
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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 08:31 Chaos
  • 10:39 New york times and indian food for breakfast
  • 11:13 So much to do today!
  • 11:30 Going to keep painting
  • 15:14 I'm going to Blog today and i'm going to make a serious post. Really. there will be crying involved.
  • 20:14 Laundry, very exciting.
  • 20:59 Hooray for will smith and irobot!
  • 21:18 Clean sheets are freakin hot
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Even talking to my mom today about the parking situation here at school for commencement next week brought tears to my eyes.

People who know me know that I am a crier. I cry when I get frustrated. I cry when I'm stressed. But more often than anything else, I feel sad when things end.

I cried when my mom and dad got rid of our old burgundy Volvo station wagon. I cried when I "graduated" from Mrs. Cutler's 1-3rd grade class. I cried again when I missed field day to go check out a new school, and then I cried two years later when I switched back to my old elementary school.

I tried for months to figure out a way to stay at the art high school I went to south east of Washington, DC when my dad wanted to move the family cross-country. Well, we moved anyway, and I cried. I cried when I left the high school I ended up graduating from, a small intimate program that I spent my senior year at in Southern California. I even remember the end of the summer before I started MICA, being in the car with my costuming mentor and good friend Randy, and thinking as we drove down a mountainside to the haunted theatre in Santa Paula, we're never going to get to spend as much time together as we have this past two years.

Every year, I tend to be one of the first people back on-campus, and one of the last people to leave. Some of it is my lack of organization in moving, but some of it, too, is that I don't want experiences to end. As a camp counselor, I always head up for work week, to get there before everyone else does, and tend to leave with the last round of campers.

And now, my time at MICA is coming to an end, and I can't say this has been the most productive couple of semesters here, but I'm sad to go. I suppose it just takes me a little while to acclimate. I like some time to figure out what the pecking order is, where I stand.

Now, I find myself graduating. Have I met my chair's expectations of me at a earlier point? Probably not. I remember at one point feeling been there, done that, I'm the expert, and now I know more than ever how much I haven't done, how little I do know.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 08:07 Building walls for the thesis show
  • 11:08 Ah what a lovely morning, truly delightful. Now to keep painting gallery walls.
  • 21:31 Indie on usa and homework. dinner with old friends is amazing.
  • 21:36 OMG harrison ford you are so sexy, my favorite anthropologist.
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Friday, May 9, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 01:45 I love my roommate but we gotta quit with the making out cause we keep getting sick
  • 12:57 @RENEEpie i'm going to be optimistic and say that i am feeling better. Can't tell you how many times i woke up sweaty last night. In a g ...
  • 19:31 Just woke up drenched in sweat, awesome!
  • 19:34 I'm ordering chinese food. Who wants in?
  • 21:48 Delivery driver got in an accident, food is an hour late, it's not even going to be hot. What's the polite way to ask for fresh food?
  • 22:29 Wow my food just got here.
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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 11:21 Ow ow ow way to be crampy, body. Lots of work to do, lots of snot.
  • 13:23 Getting back up, taking some more motrin and trying to feel better so i can do what i gotta do. Please please please let this work!
  • 14:12 I feel so crappy right now i just wish my mom were here to rub my back.
  • 14:19 There can be no doubt this is the flu.
  • 15:39 Second interview for princeton!
  • 18:52 Why do i have such a massive headache?
  • 19:35 I'm literally disabled right now. A can't even think my head hurts so much.
  • 19:45 Please shoot me. I have so much to do and i can't summon the energy to get an instant ice pack 20 feet away.
  • 20:44 Walking to rite aid for some ibuprofin and juice boxes
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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 00:51 If anybody has tips for writing a thank-you letter for an interview that was just okay, please send them my way!
  • 02:29 Wow it sure is easier to write my paper now that i found my sunglasses and can see!
  • 07:23 Dreamt i was late for a final. I'm up!
  • 10:22 I didn't realize this morning that I really need my glasses. Like, really.
  • 10:34 It's a miracle! I can see!
  • 18:24 Grabbing throat lozenges, then back to work.
  • 18:56 I'm so sick of my room, it'll be interesting as to where they move me in the hall after commencement. seriously.
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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 00:18 Haha joe miner i'm sleeping in your bed!
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Things I will go back in time and tell myself*

* When I finish my time machine.

  • disagreement with c0-worker
  • camper does not want to participate
  • concentrating on commonalities when conflict with ideas of a camper
  • what do you want to teach? independence, patience, take a deep breath
  • experience teaching archery
  • risk-management
  • how would you deal with long hours and low pay?
  • Communicating in different ways with eachother, not all verbal
  • i grew up in a diverse area, i've never met a person I couldn't get along with
  • I have experiences being both a minority race and culture and being in the majority, I prefer in-between.
  • handling mistakes
  • what are you most of?
  • What's not on your resume?
  • drawing as communications
  • sudden change in leadership or staff
  • conflict with values of leadership staff
  • forgot to mention that i'm a dork and read inside higher ed and chronicle
  • could have discussed more development theory
  • could have told about experiences with non-at-risk-youth and desire for greater challenge to skills as a facilitator.

Beginning of the end.

There's something my friend Blue said during the last few weeks of camp last year, and it holds true. It's important, whether it's your first week of counseling or the very last, that for someone it's their first; Finishing strong is so important. It seems like I didn't really do that at MICA. Did I grow as an artist, finish and bring unity to my work in the last year? Not really. If anything, the stuff is more all-over the place, divergent, sprawling and meandering (in a bad way). I'm starting to get the final set of critiques from my instructors, and I've got to say we're both dissapointed. As much studying of Zen I've done in the past year, I have not lived in the moment--with my feet tucked under comforters and my eyes cast off into the distance, I've stumbled through this last year.

Today I have the first interview for a full-time job, and I am thankful for the opportunity.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 11:00 We will now enter the weepy sleep-deprived portion of the day wherein i try to get pp to see me even though i'm half an hour late-i want ...
  • 14:56 Rental car then type then multi-media event finals. I got so distracted looking for jobs that i sort of forgot about work. out of bmore ...
  • 17:43 One final down, one to go, then to allentown for the night.
  • 19:27 Off like a prom dress
  • 20:53 73 boring miles to allentown passing thru hershey
  • 21:03 Oh come on @RENEEpie with your pretty blue eyes!?
  • 21:21 @baltimoregal i haven't slept since might before last and i have 66 miles till i can make camp. I hate you 78 east!
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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 23:50 Didn't get anything from lottery ticket. Study break at jill's.
  • 02:30 Well that was interesting. Goodnight folks!
  • 04:38 I'm still up and working my butt off but i can't do hardly anything with less than a gig of scratch disk space-whoops!
  • 05:41 Then i started to have aural hallucinations and i went to sleep.
  • 10:56 Shower then more homework. Canker sore means i am stressed.
  • 12:37 Cheesy grits and beautiful weather outside, i have a mj tanline from my fivefingers and don't want to go inside.
  • 16:14 Rapid drop in blood sugar, eating lemon curd.
  • 17:37 Holy crap so much work to do still!
  • 18:16 Just 24 hours till 'm off to new jersey
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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 23:59 The bartender called me and the girl next to me, both working in our sketchbooks, the smartest girls in the bar. we're def the dorkiest.
  • 00:12 @baltimoregal tweetup is one hour before rickroll baltimore for sure, is that eleven or noon?
  • 00:16 My poor nose is so freakin sore!
  • 07:08 Up and running eating lemon curd.
  • 07:24 Chipotle @ noon!
  • 09:29 Hope i have time to dry my backpack before running errands.
  • 10:13 @anandthakker We're all strangers here, Anand, Chipotle right next to the aquarium downtown, where ESPN & B&N are
  • 11:49 At Enoch pratt be downtown in a couple!
  • 12:06 I'm at chipotle- i'm the hot sweaty girl
  • 13:17 @mghwom where we drinkin?
  • 16:03 I'm doing my typography homework I started on at the tavern last night
  • 16:10 frustrated there's nothing on TV and Charlie Wilson's War requires too much attention.
  • 19:05 Not moving very fast on my haggada that i'm typesetting, but i'm loving the stoop stories i'm listening to.
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Oral storytelling

I am totally addicted to listening to mp3 recordings from The Stoop. This American Life, hosted by the sultry and seductive Ira Glass, along with storytelling nights in other major cities, is largely responsible for the active storytelling scene being enjoyed by our country, and by our amazing Charm City, too. Though we think that TAL has done a little shark-jumping since their cable TV series came out. But we still love you, Ira.

The intro for This American Life works well to introduce The Stoop: "Every [show] we choose a theme, and present [seven seven-minute] stories about this theme."

Laura Lippman of the Baltimore Sun and several non-fiction titles (on the topic of failure at The Stoop):

See, that's the thing--failure is kind of beautiful. Failure is spectacular. Failure is memorable. Failure is Lucille Ball in the candy factory and the conveyor belt is backing up and she's putting chocolate in her apron and chocolate in her bra and chocolate in her mouth, and she's fired by the end of the shift. Failure is a story, every time you tell it it gets better. What's really bad is mediocrity, which is private and boring. Mediocrity is like body odor or a piece of toilet paper stuck to your shoe. Mediocrity is something that happens behind a closed door most of the time.
If you enjoyed the Black Panther:Rank & File symposium and exhibit, you'll enjoy Marc Steiner's storytelling of a generation before mine in cities all across America working together for revolution and to fill the needs of their fellow men.

The Stoop is partnered with The Creative Alliance, a great great non-profit here in the city that has artists' residencies, shows, benefits, film, performance art, workshops, and has flourished for over a decade.

The next The Stoop show is June 9th, 2008, and the topic will be stories about camp (This American Life's camp episode here) and you can buy tickets here, a steal at $12.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 03:12 Shot detail images of my two best fabrics. Making postcards and business cards this weekend. now i can say i've been to the top of the c ...
  • 03:13 I cannot believe how heavy a light kit can be. I need to sleep asap.
  • 03:18 I am a sucker for cliche leadership music.
  • 05:23 May begins the dc tourist season, and that is where i am going to be tomorrow. at least i'm smart and packed sunscreen.
  • 07:08 I'm going to hit Chipotle around noon on Rickroll Baltimore day--mmm, Chipotle...
  • 09:06 There'S lots of places to sit near the harbor there by chipotle. Hooray for great sunscreen and fivefingers in dc!
  • 10:10 Downtown baltimore twitter meetup is pre-rickroll at noon at the chipotle next to the aquarium! @christinericks you in?
  • 11:20 Got 6 dc powerball quickpicks at union station for tomorrow's drawing. Wish me luck!
  • 12:56 If i win, there will be burritos for all!
  • 13:37 Biking to hampden to get my sewing machine as soon as i get back in baltimore.
  • 14:22 What's up with the MTA short train thing? We need more better transit now, baltimore, not less!
  • 14:46 I need a quick nap at some point this afternoon. Maybe followed by dinner, then more homework! Hooray!
  • 15:55 They're about to be bummed to have me and my bike on their short trains to Hampden @christinericks !
  • 16:35 Watch out baltimorons cause them trains is crowded, please be nice to the sweaty white girl with the blue bike
  • 16:51 Falls trail downhill to Bolton hill? I shall try!
  • 17:59 Can't believe how much time i spent outside today!
  • 18:55 @BaltimoreMD You should plug tomorrow's Tweet-up at the Downtown Chipotle at 11 AM tomorrow morning.
  • 19:09 Tomorrow I have a date with redbox @ lexington McD's, Enoch Pratt, Chipotle, Rickroll, and then Office Depot on the way back.
  • 19:09 PS Do not try and mess with me just 'cause you know my location I'm RAD trained and I can kick your ass.
  • 19:10 @ReneePie I dunno if @sweetney is going I don't know her
  • 19:47 Nap then shower and laundry
  • 20:07 I'm dyeing my hair. 'Cause I totally have time to be doing that.
  • 21:02 Fantastic idea! My sketchbook and i are going to the tavern so i can generate my images for my type final
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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 00:23 Hooray for watching bad romcoms with good friends and snuggles when you're sick
  • 07:54 Found the perfect cocktail for my cold so i'm going to work out for a few before class
  • 17:02 I have decided my new favorite thing is dumplings from scratch with shoyu
  • 18:56 @Emiwenis we should blog as twins. Ellen Lupton 'blogs with her cross-country twin. I'm just sayin'. You should 'blog with me.
  • 19:14 @RENEEpie and @baltimoregal we should hit chipotle before rickroll baltimore time.
  • 19:46 @BaltimoreGal oh I didn't realize you live in Stone Hill! I biked through there to drop my machine off last week!
  • 19:46 @ReneePie You will have to invite @sweetney since I don't know her/him/it, but all are welcome at Chipotle! Time min
  • 20:28 starting blog with my twin
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