Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mom and Pop

So, I've come to realize that my favorite places to be are the places where I know the people who are serving me. This is my feeling on Myung Ga in Cherry Hill, NJ (outside of Camden), which is a bomb Korean place with lots of veggie options (their web site is

There's also Cafe Mexicano in Riverdale, MD outside of Baltimore, which is run by Frederico y Maria. I went there two days in a row, and they have Coke made with cane sugar in glass bottles, not HFCS.

Then, there's Z and Jay at the Comfort Inn in Lawrenceville, outside of Princeton.

Somehow, relationships always come up. Usually I get asked if I'm married (no!), where I work, what I do. And since all I seem to do is work and drive and go on dates, those are the things that come up.

I love that it feels like I make friends (if not friends, at least friendly) with all the people I meet, and part of me wonders if G-d is preparing me for--something? I know a lot of my friends are rolling their eyes at this point, however that's how I feel.

Happy Pesach right now! I've got to get me the soundtrack to Zach and Miri, I am happy I bought a copy of the Blockbuster exclusive.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

With a cherry on top.

Recently the folks who specialize in working with our kids in the cities came up to train on our low and high ropes course so they can tag-team facilitation on-property in May and July. It's always so great when we work on curriculum in Blairstown because they get to feel the PBC experience.

A, the poet of the bunch, always says "it's nice to see you all in your native habitat."

Just like our participants, they are definitley out of their comfort zone at first, and then they always seem to do more than they thought they could, surprising themselves with their ability to complete challenges.

Also, it was exciting for us (Pinja, CO2 and I) as staff on property to get to participate in some of the elements, instead of just facilitating them.

They got a TON of information yesterday, and yet for facilitation of our Triangle Tension Traverse, everyone brought out all the energy we could muster, and in the pouring rain, we completed the element, then the sun came up and dried up all the rain, creating a rainbow. The debreif was short and sweet, facilitation superb, and then when we got back into the main area of camp we were lucky enough to run into this vision of prehistoric cool-ness:

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