Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dates and Dar

I have a lot of great people in my life, and I am thankful for those people. However, so many of my friends from school are starting to, or have already moved on. And here I am, getting ready to take one last class, waiting with baited breath on pending student loan applications.

As I sit and type this, off to the southeast cotton-candy pink clouds reflect the sunrise across the field behind my home.

I am starting to meet more and more people, and that's a great thing. Though the first date is an ever-vexing event, games of Scrabble and sharing the planetarium of stars outside my house break the ice fairly easily. Still, I wonder what you all are up to. Working at Urban Outfitters? The Apple store? Getting ready to move to the big, bad city? Will things always feel this way? I have a 10-year plan, but G-d doesn't give a damn for the best laid plans, much less those of mine.

Also, if you like folk music, you probably already know Dar Williams. I didn't. Check her on Pandora, you might be surprised.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

As much as I love my job...

I adore being a facilitator. There's always room for improvement as a person and employee, I'm with a lot of people who give feedback that is consistently coming from a caring and thoughtful place and given with love, and I can concentrate on the differences I make in the lives of young people instead of the horrors going on in the world.

And then here is a big AND (because when you say "but" you are negating what you just said).

And despite all those great things, I am dreading going to work a little this morning. I know I'm getting a Memo of Concern on finishing my degree, which just sounds terrifying. Though I was told last week that I am qualified for my job, I still am always worried that I'm about to be sacked. The recent hardship is that I need another Art History class to finish my degree at MICA, and with another one of my co-workers starting grad school, this is not what my employer needed from me; Unlike C's classes, that MICA class is not in the evening or on a weekend, it's smack in the middle of the day and amounts to 12 hours a week just commuting and sitting in Bunting, much less homework or field trips.

So, as I prepare to brave the snowy world outside my door, I am sharing my resolution with you all: I resolve to be like the farmer in my understanding of Karma, that I will create good Karma for being thankful for whatever happens to me, as that is the only thing that could have happened in that space and time. And I know that I need to get my degree, and that PBC wants me to do that but, flatteringly, still needs me.

Now you all know what that Damn. image was about last month. I made a mistake on my degree plan, I need an art history class, but I am still happy and healthy at my current job, where I intend to be for the next few years.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Video of a house moose.

You tell me this isn't the most amazing thing you've seen. I have so many technical questions about how they keep the moose from tracking in mud...where does he go to the bathroom? How does he get on with the household pets?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My old iPhone wood look even better on your nightstand.

Holy white iPhone for sale on CL! E-mail to bid (or just to be entertained and vote Best of CL) ♥ L. Also, since you watch my blog or are my friend or a friend of a friend I will even mail the thing to you because I'm sweet like that.

(Yes, I will make a real post since my ambiguous Damn. post but I'm still working on smithing it just right.)

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