Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Five hours, two pair gloves, eight stitches later.

So, today at work I had two injuries [to my campers]. One was a minor fall, no bruising as of now, and the other was a fall-with-branch, wherein one of my Junior-age girl scouts got very cleanly puncture slash ripped in her knee. Blue (CIT director) and the CIT’s were nearby where we were playing this doomed game of camouflage, and I asked all the girls to go sit at the green cathedral (where we have scouts’ own ceremonies) while me and my co administered first aid. You could see fatty tissue, meaning it was a pretty serious wound, but no muscle or bone, so it was just a flesh wound. Anyway, I used the maxi pad in my bag, told my co to put on a glove and she held it there till I got a BZK wipe to wipe away blood, and any remaining foreign matter (of which there was none), wrapped gauze tape around the wound, taped it, put an Ace bandage on top for compression, and then walked her up to the Pill Box.

There was a lot of blood, at first, but once pressure was applied, there was really no problem, and I knew that stitches and hospital trip would be a big deal, but I’m also sure I administered adequate and appropriate first aid (though at this point I am thinking just a Telfa pad, taped on, and compression bandage would have been more finessed.

But, the care was right. Not to mention she fell really well on that stick, what with how clean it cut her.

I feel bad because this was the second injury while playing camouflage in the area we played it in, and maybe I should have moved the girls, maybe we shouldn’t have been there. Maybe I overestimated the abilities of Juniors to not run with lots of dead wood around. Bygones, things in the past, just a flesh wound, etc. but I know it was pretty scary for my girls, for the nurse and camp director and my co-counselors’. At least it was nothing too serious. No bending the knee too much, she’s moving to a bottom bunk, and it may get sore, but 8 stitches later and we’re all okay. And a little more cautious for the experience.

Really thankful for the WFA training though. I’m thinking about doing N Outdoor Leadership School or American Red Cross Wilderness First Responder, which is 10 days or so, but seems pretty sweet. Of course, what does WFR have to do with Residence Life and Student Affairs, I have no idea. Other than every employer loves ridiculous certifications.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Amazing are the little things.

So, this past week I had Cadettes, which is (I believe) 12-14 year old girls, and the first day we spent doing low ropes and initiatives (including the buzz-ring, which the girls were obsessed with by the end), archery, arts and crafts, and then we left for our trip to (surprise!) Vedavu, WY, which is open range AND climbing country.

For the first time in my life, I slept out under the stars (G-d always seems closer when I'm out in nature), woke up to mooing, scrambled over boulders, ran out of water in a way that was scary, and went rafting on the Poutre in CO (all 3's and 4's). The friction climbing was amazing, the girls I worked with from Educo were lovely, and the drive from Allenspark, CO to Vedawoo, WY was goregous. Photos from the trip at some point.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Birthday Hike

Calypso Falls (2 days ago)
Copeland Falls (today after Wild Basin)
me at Copeland falls

Copeland Falls

Copeland falls

I'm pretty bushed but I will say I had an amazing time allready today, on my birthday. Not sure whether I'm getting packages/mail or not today, as mail hasn't gone out from camp in a few days (always frustrating, but that's what we get from being tucked away so). Anyway, here's some photo documentation. Props go out to my mates Bly and Queenie who trekked it up and up and up and down and down and down with me, it was absolutely lovely. Now, I need a shower.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tomorrow, Wild Basin.

Tuesday night was the end of the first three-day (which is about 48-hours) camp session, and it was INSANE trying to get all the girls able to do everything they wanted in every camp, every unit, every session. We still didn’t wash our dirty dishes through the sanitizer from our cook-out, so we’ve got to do that. Any way, the next five days I have off, and I am thrilled. It’s exciting because it’s for my birthday weekend, and I can just chillax, which is something also not really associated with being a trip leader, outdoor specialist, and unit leader. Another kicker was I’ve got three whole weeks with Buddy, my Aussie tabin-mate with a sunny disposition.

Yesterday, my first full day off since this crazy Colorado experience began, I hiked with my friend Tumbleweed (I go by “Magpie,” in case you were wondering) about 6.1 miles. Our goal on the outset (after appropriately raiding the kitchen) was to climb Meadow Mountain, the mountain after which our camp is named, however when we got to the Allenspark trailhead, which begins Rocky Mountain National Park, we couldn’t find the trailhead to Meadow Mountain (we followed the border to the park, which would have taken us there, but it was too hard-going considering last Wednesdays winds and all the debris they caused.)

Instead of hiking to the top of Meadow Mountain, which is an 11 (meaning 11,000 feet above sea level at the peak), we hiked 3.1 miles each way to Calypso Cascades and back, which was one beautiful journey, truly. I think it’s probably a mile or two up to the Allenspark trailhead from our back 40 acres, which we share with Rocky Mountain National Park, so in theory it’d be about 8 hours instead of 6, but you could do it straight from camp and you’d pass “Hercules,” a 15-foot-circumference Douglas fir.

The hike was rough going at first, considering the asthma and altitude, but by the end it was smooth sailing, and I got the added bonus of getting to wear a tank top, shorts, and my Keens without socks. I also realize that I need to either replace the waist-clip on my Jansport backpack or get a new daypack, maybe even with a camelback. Have to deposit my paycheck first.

So, as a staff we’ve been raiding the kitchen, doing a lot of sitting around watching movies, and keeping one another company in our scary, scary tabins. This morning I went riding, fell off slash got bounced off of a horse, and got right back on after a hard bounce to the rump. My thighs are killing me. But, as far as having an active and relaxing vacation on-camp for the next few days, I am well on my way. Stand by for photos, and the interweb at camp is dial-up.

Also, don't forget to check my mobile photo blog for updates when I get into Estes or Lyons or wherever I get reception.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hello from Colorado

Wednesday night it snowed off and on for 24 hours, we slept in the lodge for two nights so we wouldn't freeze in our tabins. It's beautiful and crazy here, today we had our first campers of the season. I love being a unit leader because my cousnelors can just concentrate on being good counselors, and I handle logistics, mostly.

Anyway, this is my first time online since May 28th.

I am planning on hiking into Rocky Mountain National Park for my 21st birthday. I am a camp counselor. A friend made a lascivios comment on AIM and I am honestly so not there right now. There is no time of the year less sexy than camp for me. I mean, I love it, I built a fire that burned so hot that my hand is 1st degree burnt. I have my wilderness first aid cert. I learned to drive conversion vans. And I have no cell phone reception.

But, I continue to believe that it's valuable to be open, honest, and genuine in exchanges. I read another friends' blog today and I found it lacking in anything that was emotional or personal, and that frustrates me because I can't even hide those things. I am horrible at hiding my emotions and I know it.

Our staff is 1/3 Colorado, 1/3 domestic, 1/3 international. Next week I go rock climbing and whitewater rafting with a lovely posh girl from Gloushteshire, UK. My fave roomie is an Aussie. I am challenged and happy right now. A little isolated, a little missing y'all, friends and fam, but excited and envigorated.

Now if only I could stop huffing and puffing from the thin air.

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