Sunday, June 29, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 14:44 Nap then cleaning!
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Things I would like to buy:

New climbing harness (and lots of other gear) using my pro-deals. Since I'm now an outdoor professional! Yes!

New headphones, retro-style.

Slipcovers for my couch and love seat.

Leopard & a bigger hard drive from my friend.

I don't have a title for this.

Whew. Let me tell you, it's already been a busy weekend, and it's only Sunday. Friday night I had Shabbat dinner in Allentown, PA, and I hit the home & garden center and Target for more athletic wicking bras and tops and plants for our newly-delegated garden. All said and done I spend a little over $200, most of it on the C9 Champion gear from Target, but I got some very nice racer-backed tops which will serve me well over the course of the summers and at the climbing gym. I even got a blue one, a color I don't wear often and I'm not sure why because it brings out my eyes. Also, I got a small hydration daypack which is big enough for a rain layer, a sweater, and a couple field guides, as well as 2 litres of water, which is way better than my old jansport bookbag that got me through four years of high school.

One of my co-workers and I decided to pool our respective lands and garden together. We have asian hot peppers, roma tomatoes, early girl tomatoes, cukes, watermelons, canteloupes, beans, and more in the ground. Her dad came up and tilled the soil, and I gardened barefoot, the soft earth between my toes and bringing back memories of working the garden with my mom when I was a kid. Christine and I were ambitious, we packed it in tight and I do hope that it proves slightly successful before the end of the growing season, as it is somewhat late to be planting.

Tomorrow I'm heading up quite early to Princeton's campus to do the Human Resources thing. I'm also dropping off a ton of CPR and AED training supplies at our 350 Building, which houses also Outdoor Action, the outdoor club at Princeton. I've never seen an Ivy league school, so I'm pretty excited about that, even as I'm happy to NOT have had that experience for my four years of undergrad.

Looks like a friend or two will be coming up to visit me in the next month. I've got to file two time off requests, one for a long weekend, one so I can do the doctor-dentist thing here in NJ. I also have another day off on my way because I'm missing the one everyone else gets tomorrow. Each month I get two paid vacation days, and I think two paid sick days? I'm also signing up for insurance tomorrow, which is exciting. I've never had my own insurance before.

Photos as soon as I can, really.

Oh! Also, I saw a rabid raccoon and a real live black bear before I got my t-shirt and frisbee at the completion of staff training (I hate frisbee cause I'm bad at it, but I'm getting better). It was a fitting end!

Today I'm cleaning up my house before driving to Allentown.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 00:07 Saw a napping black bear in a tree today and a rabid racoon covered in flies and approaching people in the middle of the day. Shabbos di ...
  • 00:44 Got awakened by copious fire trucks off of tilghman. Back to bed.
  • 04:53 Gardening tomorrow then sunday night in allentown before doing the princeton hr thing on monday.
  • 07:49 Laundry in progress need a couple more sports bras for camp from target then plants and heading back to blairstown to garden with christine.
  • 08:05 Also i want to get an iced tea maker. I have so much tea!
  • 16:26 Planted a garden full of veg today! Yes!
  • 18:16 Feeling like i miss colorado a whole lot right now. I'd Really like to see a wild grizzly bear.
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 07:30 Saw the beaver this morning!
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 21:12 I got to hackettstown late so no interweb card for me tonight but i deposited my paycheck!
  • 22:40 Leaving the bar with internet card on its way as well as a $10 monthly discount c/o my new job at an Ivy
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What the heck!?

Why didn't anyone text message me to tell me George Carlin died!?!

I am disowning all of you as friends. This news has me visibly saddened.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 22:11 Got a mezuza as a housewarming gift from my parents as well as a new chai necklace. i'm blessed to have the parents i do.
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hello from the porch of the main lodge!

Gosh, I missed 'blogging! Those who have tried to reach me will understand that I have very crappy reception here, and internet doesn't go all the way to my front porch so I am largely disconnected.

Still, I'll try and update you all on my new job. Of course, this 'blog is not just for you all, it's my own catalog of daily life for my future self, and it's primarily that reason that makes me realize how important it is to keep blogging.

Today I hope to take a bunch of photos of where I live for you all, as well as of the new car (and plates!). Oddly enough, I didn't get a registration sticker for my plates at the MVA in Newton yesterday, so here's hoping I don't get pulled over anytime soon.

Also on the agenda for today is figuring out whether or not I can swim 550 yards in the lake in an unspecified amount of time. It's actually cool and humid out, so not the best day for getting in the lake, but I'd rather not waste time tomorrow that could otherwise be spent on the ropes course learning high elements if I can't do the qualifying swim.

Also, my hair is in my eyeballs, and I am signing up for insurance next Monday.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 12:00 Got my title and car registered with new jersey wildlife plates In newton.
  • 12:38 I feel so disconnected from the world.
  • 12:40 If you think your walmart is nutty on the weekends, you should try mine here in newton north new jersey.
  • 12:42 Hitting Panera for lunch and internet!
  • 14:23 Thinks everyone should come visit her in the country. I've got beds galore. Camp magpie!
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Monday, June 16, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 22:30 Hanging with my boys playing Wii then hitting the hay. I've had three birthday cakes in three days! How lucky!
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 13:16 Bye baltimore!
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 12:26 Hey i'm coming down to baltimore tonight should be there around ten. What will you be up to?
  • 19:48 Now i recall why everyone hates kmart. On my way from allentown after a stop at the miner house.
  • 21:19 Call ya when i get in should be in two point five hours.
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Monday, June 9, 2008

It's crazy, like training schedules always are, but it;s beautiful here, I have a cabin to myself and it's massive, the shower sucks and of course there is not as much down time as in other jobs, but hopefully this evens out with the fall's schedule. I'm sitting in a pavilion being sneaked up upon by a vast quantity of geese, and also I am going to learn to bear-bag, FINALLY.

I'm missing a few comforts of home but not a lot, and I'm eager to strike a balance where I am happy healthy and well-rested.

Tonight is the last night in my new home for the next four nights, I am super excited to be able to sleep in my own bed again when that is all over.

Downloading the interwebs via google reader for its consumption in-cabin.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 08:36 Packing on up, heading out in the next hour.
  • 12:01 Speeding to sonic in ephrata then allentown then blairstown!
  • 19:23 Made it to blairstown!
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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 10:53 Goal is to be out of here by late tonight to avoid the need to use air cond the whole way up to allentown for the pm.
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Friday, June 6, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 03:02 I has a car!
  • 14:48 I can has nap now?
  • 15:06 Last adderall script till i find a doc in new jersey. I've got to get some rest now though.
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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 00:51 Laundry and packing not sure when i'll be back down tomorrow from getting the new car.
  • 01:17 Is trying to be in bed by 3ish.
  • 05:08 Back from new jersey with a license! Hooray!
  • 05:09 Freaking useless got hardly anything done i'm going to bed tomorrow i've got to move as much as possible but who knows what will get done?
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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 14:03 Shit i have to go to jersey today!
  • 17:12 If there is a god i will be able to get my new jersey license. Please pray that my proof of insurance counts as my part 3 identification ...
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 09:45 @lifeofreilly you know how it is, what with copious amounts of blood and all that good stuff.
  • 09:46 buying presents for myself and others on threadless during the sale. Today I will be packing, two immense piles: car vs storage.
  • 11:14 @baltimoreMD we still need more flexcars in the city though.
  • 13:24 Getting hollered at on penn ave.
  • 20:34 Hooray new LEGO indiana jones game!
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Monday, June 2, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 13:03 Nap then doc then homework.
  • 15:43 @christinericks as long as it doesn't interfere with seeing indy later.
  • 17:56 I went from having two obligations on my social calendar tonight to nothing.
  • 20:51 My crotch is a battlefield.
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Props to Dani for getting plugged on design*sponge for her helvetica poster!

I've got less than a week left here in Baltimore, I'm planning to head up in a day or two to get a PA or NJ license, pick up the new car, and all that good stuff. NJ may be easiest but I have no proof of residency anyplace other than california, which is somewhat annoying. Also annoying is getting insurance squared away, which I certainly want for picking my car up.

If you want to see me before I go, please let me know your preferred activity and visit in the next day or two. I am leaving on Saturday, sleeping in Allentown, and will be at camp Sunday morning. For the first week, through June 14th, I'll be spending a lot lot lot of time outdoors and won't have cell and internet access. I assure you, I won't be dead.

To shoot me PHYSICAL mail, please post to:
My Name
c/o PBC
158 Millbrook Rd.
Blairstown, New Jersey 07825

Telephone messages may be left at

(908) 362-6765

This address is good through the fall for me since I will be around all summer. I am expecting amazing care packages.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 00:14 R kelly trapped in the closet with the guys, tons of birch beer of light and dark varieties. Sweet tea too. life is sweet.
  • 11:46 Motrin here i come.
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