Thursday, November 20, 2008

Miracles are happening in Blairstown!

Update on the cross burning in Hardwick Township, just a mile and a quarter down the road from me. There was a Unity March which I got off of work too late to attend in front of the home. I work with a lot of inner-city kids out here in Blairstown, and it's a blessing the story hasn't picked up the coverage it might have.

I have moved all my Twitter mini-mobile updates to an old livejournal, so if you are interested in reading those add to your RSS feed readers.

From here on out to the near future, only full-on real-live 'blogging will be happening on this 'blog. Prom promise.

Oh, and the miracles I'm speaking of? Upon returning from working in Princeton and Newark this week, my iPhone battery was draining more quickly than it should have last night. And then I realized that my laptop connection was operating at lightening-fast speeds. Three-G has come to Warren County, and it is as awesome as I've always dreamed!

I'm recovering very well from my illness that struck on the west coast. I'm processing my experience at the AEE conference. I'm getting my work-outs in, and feeling okay about my body. There's something I've been putting off for FAR TOO LONG, and I'm working up the courage to bite the bullet.

Life post-college for me is shaping up to be pretty great, don't worry too much about me. I'd love to do what I can, and if that means being a late-night sounding-board, I'm strong, let me share that load you're shouldering. And if you need a void to send the ether of your thoughts, I will be the best void I can be.

Looking forward to being able to walk and ice skate to work this winter. My commute of 3 minutes will be halved when the lake is solid enough.


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