Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Has run out of witty title lines.

I'm eating leftovers from yesterday's lunch, and just got off the phone with a guy who I'm a big fan of, a vegetarian and veterinarian's son, basically me with a penis. He did a semester in NOLS during college and was an environmental studies major. He's Jewish. I like those things about him. What I don't like is that he lives in Connecticut, and that is not very close to my corner of New Jersey. It's a great distraction though, and makes me want to clean my house, so those things are great.

I am currently studying from some books to work on my packing skills. I spent my weekend being told that my torso is too short, and packing and re-packing a pack that doesn't fit me that well. Their contents are sprawled all over my house, and I pack- and re-pack and read and re-read the passages that are recommended.

Oh, and I don't "get" business casual. Can anyone help me figure these things out? Why are leggings under a skirt a no-go? Do I have to wear hose? How do other young professionals find the clothes that not only imply their professionalism but also still feel comfortable, like clothes you belong in? More specifically, WHERE do you get this clothing?


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