Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mom and Pop

So, I've come to realize that my favorite places to be are the places where I know the people who are serving me. This is my feeling on Myung Ga in Cherry Hill, NJ (outside of Camden), which is a bomb Korean place with lots of veggie options (their web site is

There's also Cafe Mexicano in Riverdale, MD outside of Baltimore, which is run by Frederico y Maria. I went there two days in a row, and they have Coke made with cane sugar in glass bottles, not HFCS.

Then, there's Z and Jay at the Comfort Inn in Lawrenceville, outside of Princeton.

Somehow, relationships always come up. Usually I get asked if I'm married (no!), where I work, what I do. And since all I seem to do is work and drive and go on dates, those are the things that come up.

I love that it feels like I make friends (if not friends, at least friendly) with all the people I meet, and part of me wonders if G-d is preparing me for--something? I know a lot of my friends are rolling their eyes at this point, however that's how I feel.

Happy Pesach right now! I've got to get me the soundtrack to Zach and Miri, I am happy I bought a copy of the Blockbuster exclusive.


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