Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hello from Colorado

Wednesday night it snowed off and on for 24 hours, we slept in the lodge for two nights so we wouldn't freeze in our tabins. It's beautiful and crazy here, today we had our first campers of the season. I love being a unit leader because my cousnelors can just concentrate on being good counselors, and I handle logistics, mostly.

Anyway, this is my first time online since May 28th.

I am planning on hiking into Rocky Mountain National Park for my 21st birthday. I am a camp counselor. A friend made a lascivios comment on AIM and I am honestly so not there right now. There is no time of the year less sexy than camp for me. I mean, I love it, I built a fire that burned so hot that my hand is 1st degree burnt. I have my wilderness first aid cert. I learned to drive conversion vans. And I have no cell phone reception.

But, I continue to believe that it's valuable to be open, honest, and genuine in exchanges. I read another friends' blog today and I found it lacking in anything that was emotional or personal, and that frustrates me because I can't even hide those things. I am horrible at hiding my emotions and I know it.

Our staff is 1/3 Colorado, 1/3 domestic, 1/3 international. Next week I go rock climbing and whitewater rafting with a lovely posh girl from Gloushteshire, UK. My fave roomie is an Aussie. I am challenged and happy right now. A little isolated, a little missing y'all, friends and fam, but excited and envigorated.

Now if only I could stop huffing and puffing from the thin air.

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  1. good job spelling gloucestershire. love you call me!
    ps: i love thin air. the rest of my paleontology class resented my young lungs when we were hiking around 8000 ~10,000ft. it's probably your asthma.


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