Saturday, February 16, 2008

Onward and upward?

I'm not sure what my summer holds. I'm thinking of doing applications to work pre-college. I'm thinking of applying to work as a residence director at Interlochen which is a school for the arts in Michigan (or someplace like that). Basically, I could work my job that I worked last summer, or I can move on and try for greater things than being a unit director at a little girl scout camp in northern Colorado. Anyway, tonight I tailored my interview dress and took the hem up, I've got to extend the side-slits, but it looks pretty fantastic now, and the sleeves no longer fall down past where the flesh of my palms started. I look almost like a grown-up. The twin pig-tails don't make sense, the jeans underneath the striped dress, but somewhere under there is the young woman I'm supposed to be come May, and I really hope I can figure her out soon.

The pins are 1940's lapel pins that belonged to my great aunt (I think), on a jacket I got at the thrift store that I'm thinking of using for interviews paired with a great trouser and a nice button-up.


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