Sunday, December 2, 2007

At viewers can watch the artist plie on a
roof, puke the colors of the rainbow, glue m&m's to rubber duckies
while hula hooping, awkwardly kiss a boy and even perform a sexy
shadow strip tease and defecation. What compels the artist to perform
such tasks? Why would any one subject themselves to these activities?

The artist fulfills requests of internet users.

"fifteen minutes" is an interactive web-based performance.
Viewers choose an activity for the artist to perform for fifteen minutes.
The artist videotapes herself performing the chosen activity.
All videos are uploaded onto the project website for the public to view.

At web surfers find themselves in a unique
position of power, where they are given access to the artist's time
and body. While participants dictate what activities the artist
performs, the artist controls how the submitted text is interpreted
into video. This action becomes radical, especially in the instances
of demeaning or misogynist requests. Thirteen minutes of the video
"vomit in a toilet" (which asks "the artist to eat loads of food then
vomit into the toilet violently") is the artist enjoying a delicious
meal. The purpose of fifteen minutes is not to fulfill the desires of
participants, but rather to establish a relationship by which those
desires are negotiated. This negotiation complicates the typical
rendering of power relationships as absolute, and puts forth an
alternative view of power as malleable.

This project is ongoing. So please continue to submit activities and
check the website for updates!


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