Monday, December 31, 2007

Few greater are the joys

There are very few things better than yesterday. I have a firmly held belief that I can have everything I want, with little exception. I went bra shopping with my sister (in this case joy comes from NOT being the one buying bras), got 8 pair new underwear from VS (I blame the twin), met up at the Getty Center with my friend Kate, grabbed awesome falafel and hummus next door to the Lammle where we caught Persepolis (who knew that Encino had a downtown?) for free care of movie passes, and had sassy repartee with Starbucks employees afterwards. For the record, everyone in Encino smokes, and I find that refreshing, though I do miss the smell of menthol and Baltimore (Newports, anyone?). The twin is leaving today for going back to school, and I really do have to send of my MacBook since the camera doesn't work and there's actually a sharp part of the case due to some plastic cracking then chipping.


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