Friday, December 28, 2007

Sad lips part 2

On the plus, as if detecting the impending doom of my former relationship, SiF (adults only, not particularly work safe) podcasted episode #99 on break-ups this week. I met up with my friend Eric who's starting at CalArts this fall (after 3 years off from school) and we had quite the talks about relationships and such, and as miserable as the end of a relationship is, there is, off in the distance, hope for a better one. Sane, rational thoughts in this situation are somewhat new-feeling to me, so I'm not as unhappy right now as I was last January. In fact, I'm not very unhappy right now at all. I would even say that I am happy.

I love the writings of the contributors of Nerve (also adults only, also not super work safe) for their uncanny ways of describing situations of the heart, body, and mind. Crying In Restauraunts is a feature by Sarah Hepola for Nerve, and in Septembers' installment I read something that stuck to my ribs :

I've written before in this column about the agony of breaking up, of the ways love can disappoint when it runs out of breath. But sometimes just as agonizing is falling in love. There is a temporary insanity induced by the nerves, the distraction, the hoping and not-knowing and fearing. Months later, spooning on the couch during a Grey's Anatomy marathon, all of it may seem so quaint and funny. But falling in love is scary and bewildering. It's like hoping for a kiss and bracing for a slap, puckering up even as you wince.


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