Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 23:55 Duchovny's hank is a character that grows on ya. It's the dirty jokes.
  • 00:09 Duchovny's character is a little gay, too.
  • 00:39 I really love Californication. A lot. There's a lot of Apple love there. I am a fan fan fan.
  • 00:59 I love the company by myself in Twins.
  • 01:24 in my cleaning, messing up my sleep schedule
  • 02:06 The cool kindliness of sheets, that soon smooth away trouble; and the rough male kiss of blankets. Rupert Brooke
  • 02:42 Wants some Berger cinnamon twists and is missing her home of the past four years.
  • 03:09 Goodnight world
  • 18:56 Boo! Without me there are no true business dinners!
  • 18:58 @baltimoreGal don't go ruining the upperclassmen entertainment by telling frosh not to wear miniskirts!
  • 18:59 About to spend $250 at REI outlet online. Tent, harness, ATC, 'biner, sleeping bag and pad.
  • 19:07 I took public transit
  • 19:08 Yo ask mom she knows
  • 19:11 Why is my twin @emiwenis twittering about IUD's to me? Matters of the crotch are not public convos.
  • 19:13 @emiwenis wanted to marry horse as a child.
  • 19:15 @emiwenis more where that come from sister
  • 20:39 I bet everyone loves watching the twin-sparks fly between us, sister-mine @EmiWenis . Thanks for the AAA membership facilitation!
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