Sunday, September 14, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 06:48 Heading into the city!!!
  • 08:18 I love not pumping my own gas in the Garden State. Such a luxury!
  • 08:50 Waiting for the train at Dover.
  • 09:25 New plans: Ghada Amer @ The Brooklyn Museum after The Met. Back by 3?
  • 14:08 Get me out of this city NJ Transit!!!!
  • 14:13 @emiwenis I do not get paid enough to airlift vegan food from the city! Out of that humid crazy city, hooray!
  • 15:34 Has to peeeeeeeeee!
  • 19:47 Climbed the poop out of myself in Bath. Reward is veggie burger from BK! And sleeping like a rock.
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