Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How many blueberries?

I survived my first foray into canning as an adult a few weeks ago.

My co-worker/friend Christine and I, along with fellow co-worker Nancy, all picked wild blueberries in some harrowing mosquitoes off of the Appalachian Trail. I also canned some Shiro plums (read: the very pretty bright-yellow Japanese variety) with lemon. More pectin as thickener next time, but overall it was a very pleasing experience. We picked for 4.5 hours, yielding 18 jars of what I am calling "Wild Organic Free-Range Blueberry Jam" from the hills of the Delaware River Valley. Truly a feat considering how tiny the wild berries were, I think.

I also deemed it was time this month to invest in a new climbing harness, a tent, sleeping bag, and pad of my own. I paid all of this month's bills already, and October will be lean for me to save up for my Association for Experiential Education conference in the beginning of November, which will be around $750, we think.

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  1. How fun!! All that jam looks delicious. Was it hard to do?


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