Saturday, October 18, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 09:29 I am very excited about being at the miner house today.
  • 11:31 Home sweet home. Doing laundry, cleaning house today, organizing gear. Thinking about going camping tonight except I need a rope to bear ...
  • 11:31 ack to borrow.
  • 12:40 Wonder if I am going to get to go camping today.
  • 15:14 I need to go swing dancing sometime soon.
  • 17:31 Bored out of my mind. Folding laundry, watching Shallow Hal, cleaning. Not camping out because I need more Jersey friends.
  • 17:34 Scrabble app is okay, a little easy.
  • 19:03 @christinericks Sounds super productive, miss you!
  • 20:31 It is one glorious fall night here in the Delaware river valley. Except for the NYC light pollution to the se.
  • 20:51 Needs more power...more DVDs of Home Improvement, too.
  • 22:41 Fresh sheets and working on Lolcards-lol based debreif cards
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