Thursday, October 30, 2008

Long time no blog!

I don't want to dwell too long here (in this little text box) because I just don't have time.

I put on some weight and I'm working on that. I'm not the person who becomes anorexic because I put on a few pounds, but when winter hits I do not feel like being very active. My climbing level is 5.6-7. I've taken on swimming laps to prepare for the qualifying 550 that I couldn't do in June. And I can, indeed, swim it without stopping. There's less yoga and more time in cars and eating in restauraunts, which is working against me an awful lot in my challenge to lower my caloric intake. I literally haven't been hiking in ages.

Another challenge that has arisen is my relationship with my new supervisor. Why is that a challenge? Because I don't exactly have the best track record of working with supervisors. I have not always been able to articulate the support I needed.

RIGHT. So the GOOD thing I wanted to blog is that I am about to visit my folks for a SUPER short period of time, hopefully get to see my friend Jonathan as well, and am hitting a Association for Experiential Education conference, which should be pretty much mind-blowingly fun and re-energizing. Washington State here I come!


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