Sunday, October 19, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 23:18 I sleep with too many computers.
  • 23:40 Totally remembers now how it is hard to fall asleep. But she will try!
  • 09:40 Picked a horrible day to go lap swimming...fainting and taking a header at the doc, 2 days in a row climbing, and now this? Masochist much?
  • 09:40 What a week.
  • 10:16 Absentee ballot recieved! I think I will vote today...
  • 10:38 @christinericks warren county, nj is where I am voting this election.
  • 13:02 Going swimming for sure. Dread.
  • 15:01 Freestyle and b
  • 15:10 600 yards later, heading home.
  • 16:09 Got my kittatinny maps in Water Gap, cider and fudge.
  • 16:17 Home sweet home. That was a ton of swimming. What to do for dinner?
  • 16:49 Found my master resume on the hard drive in my car. Trying to keep it down to a page--it's difficult. Gosh that RCA descript was LONG!!!
  • 19:09 @christinericks ewwwwww, Baltimore.
  • 22:29 Is thinking, if it is the thought that counts, she's thinking too.
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