Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hello, My name is L, and I'm an adult.

Last Friday I had the opportunity to go to the Maryland College Personnel Association conference and graduate school fair and I had the pleasure of running into another Suitland Visual Arts grad who is getting his Masters' in Student Affairs. Joe is two years ahead of me and is a hall director at Shippensburg in Pennsylvania. What's pretty exciting right now is there is going to be a show of 20 years of art program graduates at Suitland next year, and I am really excited to see what everyone's up to.

That being said, I'm not upset at all about going into Student Affairs, because I know know know that that's what I am meant to do. I can improve students' experiences at school and impact their development as college students and adults, and I can do it in an artists' community like MICA, RISD, SVA, Cooper, Savannah, Memphis, CCA, SAIC, or Parsons. It was fantastic to be with this highly-specialized group of individuals who work in student affairs, people at all stages in their careers, from graduate students to entry-level to shining stars in their professions, the future president of the ACPA. I made business cards, hobnobbed, won a pen set, ate cake, enjoyed myself thoroughly despite the strange business-casual appearances. And everyone was SO friendly, these are extroverts, amazing men and women who have dealt with crisis and care to their residents and students.


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