Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pleasures of Autumn.

The boy and I went out to the county yesterday to go to Steve & Barry's to pick up a couple pairs of jeans each, since my current jeans have holes in the crotch and knee. And are falling off of me. Thus, hooray jeans! I got Sarah Jessica Parker's "Bitten" boyfriend and straight leg jeans, less than $20 each. I also picked up a dress for interviews at Target since I'm going to the MCPA conference later this month since it's also a grad school fair. And while at Target I saw a massive number of socks and tights in every color and pattern imaginable. And I have quite an imagination when it comes to this. I was thrilled to get a pair of over-the-knee, knee-highs, and tights, again possibly for the conference.

To me, one of the greatest joys of cool weather will always be thick, high socks. Along with soup and rough-cut piping-hot oatmeal in mornings, the socks can make my day. So it's with great joy that the weather has finally turned here in Baltimore.


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