Thursday, November 1, 2007

Landmark takes Baltimore!

There's a theatre I'm very fond of back in L.A., a single-screen old-fashioned theatre missing only double-features (but there's always the New Beverly for that). Midnight revival shows and Rocky Horror are a couple highlights of the Los Angeles Landmark Nuart Theatre.

Baltimore is a city of three theatres. The Charles, which is a great independent theatre, and two adult cinemas.

Tomorrow, Baltimore gets a Landmark theatre in the posh and gentrified Harbor East neighborhood. Seven state-of-the-art screens, gourmet concessions and bar, and stadium seating are just a few of the amenities. It looks like it will show a combination of wide-release and independent cinema titles, and I gotta say, it's about time I didn't have to leave the city to see a movie in this town. Thank you, Landmark. Now please, try not to suck too much.


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