Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy new year!

  • Rachel was my wing-girl at the House That Greed Bought down in Reseda.
  • There was a fire pit.
  • Costume party--the host of the party wore his Tick costume, I wore my camp counselor gear.
  • Serenity late at night on huge bean bag chairs.
  • Dude, who bogarted our Love Sac, Rachel?
  • As guests left or laid themselves to rest, there was a naked man asleep on the kitchen floor. Later I saw him sleeping on the dog bed, and then at the foot of the bed in the host's bedroom.
  • Witness to lots and lots of debauchery, with really very little involvement therein. I mean, I do love to be a fly on the wall.
  • Always surreal in the Mad Scientist House.
  • Sushi on a unique platter.
  • When we woke up the hot-tub was about 1 1/2 feet short of where it was supposed to be.
  • Fat Tire! Huzzah for Ft. Collins beer!
  • Very very surreal.
  • Rachel & I tag-teamed to make sure everyone got new year's kisses.

Yesterday my new nunchuck arrived and I'm gonna spend all morning playing a few levels of LEGO Star Wars. There are few things that could not be improved by being played by animated LEGO guys, who explode comically in a set of painful-to-step-on bright-colored plastic pieces.

I have no new year's resolutions of my own, though I do have a counter-resolution, that I not at any point let my twin sister become lighter in weight than myself (her resolution is to keep getting more fit, which is awesome, but seriously? Now I will actually have to work to stay ahead. Darn it.)

By the way, making pita pizzas with baba ghanoush in place of pizza sauce and a little kefir and mint on top after baking is super duper delicious.

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  1. It certainly was a wonderful evening. Thanks for making it that much more awesome! :)


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