Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Get what you give

At one point last year, I was dating W, but still seeing my ex. And then I told W that he and I were giving it another go, and for some reason, W has still stuck around.

Well, the guy who I went out with for drinks a couple nights ago just gave me a little taste of my own medicine. He's getting back together with his ex. It hurts, we had a good first date, we were going to go sledding and on culinary adventures together, but because there is so much power in old relationships, he chose a second chance with her. He said he wanted to be friends, I replied I wasn't really interested. I've got enough friends, I was looking for something more.

And I can't really be mad at him, I've done the same thing. There was just a lot of reason to hope, what with the competitive Boggle score and witty repartee.

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  1. Aw hon, I am so sorry! Call me whenever you wanna schedule a distracting, cheering adventure. There will be others, and betters!


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