Saturday, January 5, 2008

Neon Paved Paradise

My dad, the chief veterinarian of the city of Los Angeles, animal services. An off-duty police officer shot and killed this 78 lb. (empty-stomached, and thus probably hungry) female mountain lion who was tearing his dog limb-from-limb (never had a chance). Someone from the park service came to take samples for rodenticides and do a necropsy and this is my dad with the lioness. Apparently there are only 8 or 9 lionesses like her in the whole San Fernando-Conejo-Santa Monica Mountains area, and one male covers that entire same territory.

It was completely legal what the officer did, but still I find it sad, since if this man had kept an eye on his dog and not just put him out, the big cat could have snatched somebody's Kitty and made off with none the wiser and probably not getting shot for following her instincts.

It's pretty easy to forget when you're not out in the back-country that human beings (and our domestic pets) can still be prey for somebody. No matter how much of paradise we pave, we are still on their territory.


  1. 78lbs seems awfully light for a beast of that size. I had a 17lb house cat who was actually on the small side (though rotund). I guess they're really potent. I weigh almost twice that thing and would certainly have fallen to her fury.

  2. Wow your dad was so lucky to be able to get to see that cat. Goodness knows I would have just about died to see that pretty pussy (dead or alive). PS I never knew you blogged here.


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