Thursday, January 10, 2008

Perchance and recup

Me and my momma! Doesn't she look great for just having had two knees replaced? What an awesome lady!

Going to see Juno tonight and hang out with my friend from high school Liz, very exciting!

Oh, and my surreal experience was, yesterday, while in the fabric district buying for next semester's projects at Michael Lavigne's, I texted one of my ex's and told him I just saw his momma's twin. Only, his mom was, unbeknownst to me, in town for a knitting show. "You're kidding?" I answered when he called in reply.
"No, knitting show."
"Call her on her iPhone, right now."
So I, clutching my two yards of rubber-backed yellow fluorescent (at a pricey $13 a pop, thanks Michael Lavigne's!), watched as this woman, HIS mother, picks up her iPhone. She gets asked if she is in the fabric district. She looks around for a satellite or hidden camera or something that would explain...and there I am. And she is there. In my state. In my part of it. In the same store at the same time as I am just because my mom's having surgery a few miles away.
I will never forget how small the world is sometimes if things like that occur in my life on a semi-annual basis.


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