Friday, August 10, 2007

Can never go back.

I appreciate the warnings, but I am, indeed, a grown up. I can take care of myself.

Everyone's impressed with how tanned I am. Lately I've been obsessing over, well, not my weight, but instead my shape, which I like but I also saw one of my co-workers lose like 30 lbs over the last few weeks of camp, and I think to myself "why didn't I do that?" which is a silly question: I didn't do that because I'm not getting married at summer's end, and I like my body, and at 8,000 feet I need the food, damnit. Anyway, I've really got to make peace with that. Weekend will be spent in Big Sur with the fam, which will be lovely, and currently I'm enjoying expensive groceries and watching lots of tivo, with moderate interjections of physical activity.

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  1. Sorry we missed each other, but Hawaii WAS indeed awesomesauce :)


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