Sunday, August 12, 2007


What is up with people who go on vacation only to fall asleep watching tv the same way they do at home? People who do the tours, spend the money, stay in their comfort zones? I hate it. I don't want to be near other tourists, I want to be near those I love doing something different than usual. That doesn't mean abandoning all I love, like internet in my hotel room, but it does mean actually taking a break. For me, that's catching up on blogging, thinking about thesis. I don't want to putter away vacation times in vacation towns, I want to take vacations centered around things I actually want to accomplish or experience before I die, and I feel really strongly about that.

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  1. For me, there's a difference between types of vacations. There's the vacation where I go and sit down the shore, sit at the beach and read and then go home, eat dinner with the family, play games, and watch TV. I've been doing this since I was born. I'll probably bring my children to the same shore town, where we'll do much of the same things, and they'll probably ride on the same rides that MY family took me and my cousins on, years ago.

    Then there's the vacation where you travel to new places and try new things. This is more of a travel thing - I love traveling, but it's far more expensive than just going down the shore, and it's less restful. So, of my three vacation weeks, I spent one down the shore. Another I plan to use traveling to Ireland (yeah travel). And the other will be scattered.

    So while I partially agree with you, there is another side to the picture.

    Love your blog. :)


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