Friday, August 17, 2007

Charles Saatchi purchases Notion Nanny

I got an email from Brooklyn-based artist Allison Smith, who I took the course "Fabric of Consciousness" with in the fibers department here at MICA last spring with. Her primary interest in fibers is commemorative textiles--handkerchiefs, quilts, rugs, etc. Allison asked for a swatch of one of my printed fabrics, which I was rag-rugging, and along with some dyed skeins of yarn from other students in my class, it, too, was added to the Notion Nanny's wares.

The "notion nanny" doll was a 19th-century tradition, a doll of a peddler woman originating in the south of France, with miniature handcrafts adorning her basket. Smith's notion nanny is part of an itinerant art project where she worked with many artisans to collect and create the objects in her basket.

So, Charles Scaasi, one of the most famous art collectors in the world, recently purchased Smith's "Notion Nanny," which has some of my fabric in it. Was pretty exciting to hear about.


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