Friday, August 24, 2007

Nose to the grindstone.

Picked up lots of work hours at the desks at the dorms at the beginning of the semester, but it seems to me that my work hours, instead of lining up somewhat with J's Geek Squad schedule, are the opposite, meaning time with one another is limited. Which is of course something I knew would likely happen, it's just frustrating in actuality. That being said, hopefully I'll get to go to the Maryland State Fair this weekend before classes kick off, look at cows and things with Amanda. And all I really feel like doing is not unpacking or working on thesis or planning the high holidays for Oy!, but rock climbing and hanging out with the honey.

Last night I made spinach quiche and gulab jamun with my friend Kate, which was adventuresome, as per usual. The roommate is supposed to be here this weekend, tomorrow or Sunday, I think, and that's pretty exciting, just because it will be one more person to chill out with. I'm also looking forward to choosing my studio in the Station building and getting that set up, simply because it will be an antidote to this restlessness that I'm feeling. Classes, assignments, and thesis promise to fill my time, distract me from all the thoughts of the tenuous future.


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