Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Elvis leg

Yesterday I went to Loyola to use their climbing facilities with a friend, and the trouble we nearly got in was ridiculous. Luckily, my companion had a friend at Loyola who came and signed us in as guests, we all climbed together for a while, it was nice.

Except I definitely pulled something in my foot, and my studio is across the Howard Street bridge, and it definitely got worse overnight. RICE, anyone?

I have this habit of watching Dharma and Greg in the mornings. Which is inconvenient because it ends at 9 am, when most of my classes and desk shifts start. Something about it's goofy characters and laugh track that makes me happy, wakes me up. Ahh, poor taste in sit-com's.

Just a couple weeks till I get some crits in my classes, unfortunate I've had a lot of time out of the studio, and I need to get a lot of work done in the next couple weeks--maybe calling other desk assistants to cover my shifts so I can get into the studio.


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