Monday, September 17, 2007

I love my job (not)

Desk assistants at the dorms do more work than campus safety associates, who monitor desks at academic buildings, but we get paid less. In addition, campus safety officers don't really like DA's because they only ever see us when there's a problem. There are, of course, exceptions to this. For example, Officer Brown loves me because we did a bust together once where I spotted a piece after they'd arrived. We're colleagues.

Anyway, on the way to the Commons I noted that the gate was still open to the parking lot, and you're paying for secure parking so if the gates are up past the first week of school, if I were paying, that's bull. This is a lot that backs North Ave., where cars get broken into on a semi-regular basis. I asked my boss why they were still open. "I don't know, they were supposed to be closed last week." I call our community safety dispatch desk. The following conversation occurs.

L: Hi, this is Lindsay at the Commons desk. I was wondering why the gates to the parking lot are still up?
CSO: Because "El Director" hasn't told us to put them down yet.
L: Oh, I thought they were supposed to be down last week. Thanks.
Five minutes later, on the radio:
CSO: Dispatch to Unit 31, please put down the parking gates at Commons lot.
Unit 31: Ten-four.
Lindsay: one. Sassy CSO at Dispatch: zero. Obviously the director of reslife e-mailed them and that info got ignored or didn't get passed on to the officers on duty last week. I can't believe no students complained to the right people about the messed up fact that the gates were still up.


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