Sunday, September 9, 2007

Part 2: Barfing out ideas

So, where are influences coming from? What fashion products exist already? How is my line different? What market? What price? What materials?

I want it to be well-designed. I'd rather come up short on pieces for the show to come up with truly amazing technical performance garments.

  • Option 1: Make urban fashions with inspiration from high-performance technical gear that respond to questions of survival in urban and suburban environments. Examples are some form of urban bear-bag, a portable chair of some sort to wait for the bus on, and of course garments that are sensitive to connectivity and technology and the risk they bring.
    Downsides: Lots of competition in accessory department, clothing would be high-craft, high-cost, aimed at urbanites with disposable income (i.e. not myself).
  • Option 2: Make high-tech and high-touch garments which are as appealing to non-outdoors-people as hardcore hikers. Each garment has a secondary or convertible aspect to it which intends to make hiking, climbing, camping, scrambling, more convenient and less stressful. It should also be easily customizable and versatile.
    Downsides: Will have to strike a fine balance, keep it simple where possible, to consider what I need to do for the customer, and what they may want to do themselves. These objects will be about home in the outdoors.
  • Option 3: Using nature and landscape as a point of departure, make simple garments and accessories for an active lifestyle that use pattern to create rhythm whether worn in city life or weekend trips. These talk about the intersection of wild and tamed, and also includes the creation of home products that bring nature indoors.
    Downsides: Shallow, just not as exciting.


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