Sunday, September 9, 2007

Tsumura and Orta

So, despite being a fake-hardcore outdoors-woman, there is a lot to think about and learn about outdoor gear.

For class tomorrow I have to present three seperate "fashion line" ideas for my experimental fashion class on design & production of fashion shows. I am looking largely at the work of Lucy Orta, who uses high-tech textiles, trims, and silkscreening to talk about social issues (homelessness being a big one). The part I identify with in her work is that it's functional-looking (though the chief function is to illustrate an idea, not actual survival) and talks about transformation, shelter, personal space. I feel very much like a nomad in my existence, and despite that nomadicism I still have physical needs, desires, creature comforts...

The piece on the left is a Lucy Orta piece, the one on the right is Kosuke Tsumura's "Final Home" jacket with 44 pockets which can be used for storage or stuffed with newspaper for insulation (comes with Final Home bear, which fits in one of said pockets).


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