Sunday, September 16, 2007

Increasing Workplace Productivity

Finally got in a decent 6 hours in the studio today, which was fantastic. There's a yoga class for upperclassmen and grad students only in the studio building on-campus that I think I'm going to hit tomorrow, considering I've made some decent headway for my class tomorrow, so not a lot more to do before class tomorrow evening.

Last night I watched a special on Pepsi versus Coca-Cola and also one on MSNBC with corpses and autopsies. Made me miss the good ol' X-Files days. Going to do some laundry, pick up my room a bit, maybe do some dishes, and get ready for tomorrow.

One bummer today: found out that my local light rail-accessible Wal-Mart is no longer carrying fabrics, and I am having a TOUGH time finding nylons and polyesters to my liking for my projects this semester.


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