Friday, March 28, 2008

Nostalgic sweaters

I had a dream that someone called my phone and someone else answered it and it was a random dude from OKCupid who was professing his love with the persona conveyed in my personals ad on the dating site.

I also dreamt that I went on a night-time canoe trip, which seems to me to be a horrible horrible idea for all sorts of safety reasons. I recall being very frustrated with the members of my family also coming on the canoe trip because they took forever to get ready to go! I just want to be a stern, darn it!

My prescription showed up for my doc's appointment on Monday, and I'm nervous but excited, I'm going to be really bummed if my body isn't big enough for the non-hormonal IUD I'm supposed to get fitted with on Monday.

I uncovered my tacky navy blue velour sweatshirt that was my Papa Sam's, and it's funny how fabric is conducive to not only the capturing of history but also the re-experiencing of it. By wearing this shirt, I am Sam. I'm not actually Sam, but I can remember my Papa eating my arm like an ear of corn, I remember how warm and funny he was, how he took us fishing and bowling. Anyway, I know one day when I have kids my dad and mom will be great grandparents.

And hopefully, that day is far, far away.


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