Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Two guys, one girl.

No, not an allusion to a blue film. Yesterday was the practical exam for the R.A.D. class I just took at MICA, and I got to do two scenarios.

The first was a simple walk-by, my aggressor grabbed my wrist and I had to get away from him. The second scenario was one in which I was confronted by one attacker and an accomplice tried to get me from the back, it was a surprise and I didn't realize they would actually send both guys after me. Needless to say, I thoroughly trounced them, there was much knee-ing in the groin and that sort of thing, a punch in the face and one was down, a couple more kicks to the groin and some elbows and the other guy was stunned enough for me to get to my "safe" zone.

I was really excited to see myself and one of my co-RCA's from last year do more advanced scenarios and really kick ass at them. What I lacked mostly was verbal warnings with every strike, which is an important thing to do to get attention from witnesses. Sunny used to be quiet, meek, and now she's a pretty scary woman who reminds me of Lucy Liu and isn't afrad to use spear-fingers to gouge a dude's eye out.


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