Monday, March 10, 2008

This may or may not be an emergency.

Approximately 1/5th of the housing complex I live in slash work grave in on Sunday night/Monday morning is vibrating vigorously. It has taken two and a half hours to get "them" (the powers that be at my school) to call emergency facilities management. Oh, bureaucracy.

A couple nights ago I dreamed that I flew to London.

The other night I slept and encountered an end-of-the-world sort of situation, wherein I just could not get away. I think I'm probably well-prepared for the real thing should it happen in our lifetime, I've dreamed of it so many times.

Yesterday was a big rock climbing trip that I belayed for, and I did two climbs. Now my forearms are throbbing and the two ligaments on either side of my crotch are bruised from all the falling into my harness I did. It was great to get some energy out, to get physical and challenge myself. Back to the typography, let's hope the building doesn't fall to the ground tonight.


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