Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Things I will go back in time and tell myself*

* When I finish my time machine.

  • disagreement with c0-worker
  • camper does not want to participate
  • concentrating on commonalities when conflict with ideas of a camper
  • what do you want to teach? independence, patience, take a deep breath
  • experience teaching archery
  • risk-management
  • how would you deal with long hours and low pay?
  • Communicating in different ways with eachother, not all verbal
  • i grew up in a diverse area, i've never met a person I couldn't get along with
  • I have experiences being both a minority race and culture and being in the majority, I prefer in-between.
  • handling mistakes
  • what are you most of?
  • What's not on your resume?
  • drawing as communications
  • sudden change in leadership or staff
  • conflict with values of leadership staff
  • forgot to mention that i'm a dork and read inside higher ed and chronicle
  • could have discussed more development theory
  • could have told about experiences with non-at-risk-youth and desire for greater challenge to skills as a facilitator.


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