Thursday, May 1, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 00:23 Hooray for watching bad romcoms with good friends and snuggles when you're sick
  • 07:54 Found the perfect cocktail for my cold so i'm going to work out for a few before class
  • 17:02 I have decided my new favorite thing is dumplings from scratch with shoyu
  • 18:56 @Emiwenis we should blog as twins. Ellen Lupton 'blogs with her cross-country twin. I'm just sayin'. You should 'blog with me.
  • 19:14 @RENEEpie and @baltimoregal we should hit chipotle before rickroll baltimore time.
  • 19:46 @BaltimoreGal oh I didn't realize you live in Stone Hill! I biked through there to drop my machine off last week!
  • 19:46 @ReneePie You will have to invite @sweetney since I don't know her/him/it, but all are welcome at Chipotle! Time min
  • 20:28 starting blog with my twin
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