Friday, May 2, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 03:12 Shot detail images of my two best fabrics. Making postcards and business cards this weekend. now i can say i've been to the top of the c ...
  • 03:13 I cannot believe how heavy a light kit can be. I need to sleep asap.
  • 03:18 I am a sucker for cliche leadership music.
  • 05:23 May begins the dc tourist season, and that is where i am going to be tomorrow. at least i'm smart and packed sunscreen.
  • 07:08 I'm going to hit Chipotle around noon on Rickroll Baltimore day--mmm, Chipotle...
  • 09:06 There'S lots of places to sit near the harbor there by chipotle. Hooray for great sunscreen and fivefingers in dc!
  • 10:10 Downtown baltimore twitter meetup is pre-rickroll at noon at the chipotle next to the aquarium! @christinericks you in?
  • 11:20 Got 6 dc powerball quickpicks at union station for tomorrow's drawing. Wish me luck!
  • 12:56 If i win, there will be burritos for all!
  • 13:37 Biking to hampden to get my sewing machine as soon as i get back in baltimore.
  • 14:22 What's up with the MTA short train thing? We need more better transit now, baltimore, not less!
  • 14:46 I need a quick nap at some point this afternoon. Maybe followed by dinner, then more homework! Hooray!
  • 15:55 They're about to be bummed to have me and my bike on their short trains to Hampden @christinericks !
  • 16:35 Watch out baltimorons cause them trains is crowded, please be nice to the sweaty white girl with the blue bike
  • 16:51 Falls trail downhill to Bolton hill? I shall try!
  • 17:59 Can't believe how much time i spent outside today!
  • 18:55 @BaltimoreMD You should plug tomorrow's Tweet-up at the Downtown Chipotle at 11 AM tomorrow morning.
  • 19:09 Tomorrow I have a date with redbox @ lexington McD's, Enoch Pratt, Chipotle, Rickroll, and then Office Depot on the way back.
  • 19:09 PS Do not try and mess with me just 'cause you know my location I'm RAD trained and I can kick your ass.
  • 19:10 @ReneePie I dunno if @sweetney is going I don't know her
  • 19:47 Nap then shower and laundry
  • 20:07 I'm dyeing my hair. 'Cause I totally have time to be doing that.
  • 21:02 Fantastic idea! My sketchbook and i are going to the tavern so i can generate my images for my type final
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