Monday, May 5, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 11:00 We will now enter the weepy sleep-deprived portion of the day wherein i try to get pp to see me even though i'm half an hour late-i want ...
  • 14:56 Rental car then type then multi-media event finals. I got so distracted looking for jobs that i sort of forgot about work. out of bmore ...
  • 17:43 One final down, one to go, then to allentown for the night.
  • 19:27 Off like a prom dress
  • 20:53 73 boring miles to allentown passing thru hershey
  • 21:03 Oh come on @RENEEpie with your pretty blue eyes!?
  • 21:21 @baltimoregal i haven't slept since might before last and i have 66 miles till i can make camp. I hate you 78 east!
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