Saturday, May 3, 2008

Elle's mini mobile 'blogging for today...

  • 23:59 The bartender called me and the girl next to me, both working in our sketchbooks, the smartest girls in the bar. we're def the dorkiest.
  • 00:12 @baltimoregal tweetup is one hour before rickroll baltimore for sure, is that eleven or noon?
  • 00:16 My poor nose is so freakin sore!
  • 07:08 Up and running eating lemon curd.
  • 07:24 Chipotle @ noon!
  • 09:29 Hope i have time to dry my backpack before running errands.
  • 10:13 @anandthakker We're all strangers here, Anand, Chipotle right next to the aquarium downtown, where ESPN & B&N are
  • 11:49 At Enoch pratt be downtown in a couple!
  • 12:06 I'm at chipotle- i'm the hot sweaty girl
  • 13:17 @mghwom where we drinkin?
  • 16:03 I'm doing my typography homework I started on at the tavern last night
  • 16:10 frustrated there's nothing on TV and Charlie Wilson's War requires too much attention.
  • 19:05 Not moving very fast on my haggada that i'm typesetting, but i'm loving the stoop stories i'm listening to.
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