Thursday, February 22, 2007

I <3 Package Tracking

There's something really wonderful about the fact that I know that my books right now are somewhere between here and Capitol Heights. In our constantly-updated high-speed world, I'm always hungry for more information, more specifics, more more more!

That being said, I had senior thesis today and had my mind blown by some people's pieces. I'm constantly amazed and proud about how wonderful my fellow fibers majors are.

Anyway, went on an adventure to Lexington Market, where I purchased a gyro, and it was amazing.

My life is amazingly free of drama right now, though it won't be in the morning, I'm sure. I had a partial interview to be a canoe trip leader in Ottawa, Canada this summer, but the pay is only $2100 Canadian, so that's not very much worth it. Continuing to look at for wilderness trip positions in the US, preferably the northwoods, but adirondacks would be okay, too, I suppose.


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