Sunday, February 25, 2007

New Template!

For those of you getting the RSS version of my blog, you'll not have noticed that I've changed my template in the last few days. Of course, I also forgot that I needed to save my Facebook profile badge and Sitemeter javascript applets, so I haven't been getting site reports for the past few days, and people visiting my site don't know what I'm up to, which is tragic, I'm certain.

Anyway, I've fixed those things, and changed the colors to some snazzy soft blue-green with teal and brown accents that always seem to remind me of Robin's Eggs, those delightful easter candies which I always suck on and sandpaper my tongue with.

So, go take a look at and check out the new layout. One day, I'll learn to use CSS style sheets, and then I'll be able to make all kinds of crazy beautiful layouts which better express my state of mind and the lens of my blog. But until then, this will have to do!


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