Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The post in which the hummus is room-temperature

I woke up at six. Then hit snooze till seven. Then set another alarm for seven fifteen as I laid in bed and listened to WYPR. And at some point between 7:06 and 7:12 I realized they were listing school closings. Begrudgingly, I put toasty toes to frosty floor and looked through my blinds to see a blanket of snow.

Which made me feel like this.

Well, that and all of the crying last night. I really have to talk to W on Saturday, because I am not over this past relationship, and it's so clear to me that he's at a point where he's ready to date again, and take those risks, and I am simply not. Of course, nothing is simple at this point, and maybe that's my own doing, yet I don't think this ever could have been simple.

I'd like to let the readers know that I'm excited to have you along for the ride, poorly-written, self-centered, and overly analytical it may be.


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