Saturday, February 17, 2007

Recap of last night

Last night was amaaaaaaaaaaaazing.

I had the closing reception for my community's show at 6 pm and we hooked up the Wii and played some Wii Sports. We also made peppermint hot chocolate, which was, studies show, delicious.

Then, AP and Unnoficial Resident Boy and Waffleface came over to my place, where we talked about Jewish boys and Elebits and I lent The Big Bang out to yet another person. After that, AP and I changed into PJ's and watched the ever-popular Garden State, and then at the end we got all dressed up and ran amok and "ice skated" wearing boots and pj's and a couple layers of sweatshirts. Having copious amounts of energy, we then wandered all the way to the Belvedere to the skyline lounge, checked out the view, looked in windows, slipped around on black ice, felt bad for two women in a VW, and wandered until we ended up at XS. But, being that we were too good for XS and prefered pizza, we got a pie. Then we brought it back to the commons, put some fresh parmesean on it, and ate that sucker.

Plans for tonight include movie with W, and blogging some more. I love my residents so much!


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