Monday, February 5, 2007

Wise words

From Mikita this morning:

Your heart is in it, your head is in it, now you just need to get your fingers in it.

Agenda for the week is the following:
Typography I homework due at 4 pm - design one more lettering/typeface
Staff meeting Tuesday at 10:15, after crit for Sansone's Sculptural Forms course
Wednesday 9 am to noon @ Commons desk
noon doris with Liz
Yoga - 2:30
Wednesday night - essay and readings done for Brottman's class
Thursday - Senior thesis from 9-3
4:00 meeting with Rex to finalize grade for Painterly Drawing
Friday - RCA returner application due, 5 pm.

Also, I should work on designing a new template for my blog and re-host it at my domain name.

This weekend, I really have to figure out my homework for "what are you fighting for?" crit with Alison Smith.  I should probably just give up any and all hope for sleeping this week till Thursday, if then.  My lazing about is caught up to me, and if I can rock this week, I'll be on-track to be okay.


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