Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ladies and Gents, I was Dooced!

Today, I found out that an amateur artist/teacher in Brooklyn online acquaintence of mine is having a baby with his girlfriend, to which I say "HOLY CRAP!" But, it's reassuring that even as my life as I know it has fallen apart in the last two weeks, people are still having babies, meeting future in-laws, and otherwise getting on with existence.

Which brings me to the bomb-dropping section of this blog. I was asked to resign from my position as a Residential Community Advisor in the freshman dorms at MICA in not-a-small-part because of this blog.

I know what computers accessed the entries I probably should have left unpublished, I know how many were residents and how many were staff members and how many were friends outside of the MICA bubble, but ResLife is covering themselves, and I don't really blame them. Which means come spring break, once all the residents are off to the airport and Greyhound stations, I will be moving into the Meyerhoff house residence hall, and I have allready lost my keys to the ResCoordinator's office, any duties and programs I had scheduled, and the free meal plan and housing.

For those who are counting, ResLife 1, Lindsay 0. Breaking up with my boyfriend was the best thing that could happen for my performance with my residents, but things on staff didn't work out as well. It's really frustrating that my love of this work is not enough to let me keep my job.

But, on the plus side, now I only have two jobs, will get a full-size loft bed and an apartment I can smoke cloves in, have tons of free time, and get cable channels on my sweet 27" Samsung. But not being an RA is a big minus, and that sucks.

Still, if it worked for Dooce, it could work for me, right?

Dooced: To lose one's job because of one's web site.

(Of course, it's more complex than that, but this is kind of what it comes down to.)


  1. (I wanted to know what happened to Dooce - but the link doesn't work.)

    I'm really enjoying your entries at the moment - being Dooced has lived up your blog tremendously. Stick with it....

  2. That is really crappy -- and their loss. I can tell from reading ... um .. another blog of yours?? what a great job you must have been doing as an R/A. The interest and love you brought to the job had to have made a huge positive impact on the students.

    I must have missed the posts where you said those bad, bad things that got you axed.

    Dooce went on to become rich and famous and I'm sure you will too -- hopefully for your art and design, and not for the soul-striptease.


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